Your Greater is Right Now: Living as God’s masterpiece instead of life’s middle class


Your Greater is Right Now is a relevant word for the world today. Dr. Love provides God’s word, practical application activities that lead all walks of life to their greater. This book will help you define and reshape your outlook towards living a greater dependency on God to achieve your purpose.

Pastor Timothy Richardson

Father House Ministries

About the Author: Dr. Derrick Love is a thought leader in education with 20-years of experience leading schools and districts and a
down-home associate pastor passionate about helping people find and walk in their purpose. He continues to inspire hope through faith so that every day is a day closer to living in purpose. Dr. Love is the author of the books “The Unfinished Journey” and “Your Greater Is Right Now.” His mantra is: Make the decision today to move one step closer to the greater you through Jesus Christ. You are worth it!

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