Living Your Greater Life Devotional & Bible Study: A Companion to Your Greater Is Right Now

Your Greater Life Devotional/Bible Study is a daily prescription that will inspire and transform readers to unlock their full potential and purpose. Over the next 60 days, you will draw strength from this manual of sorts, which will be the open-sesame to attaining greatness. This book serves as a roadmap of self-discovery, increasing the reader’s faith, and providing the tools necessary to help you align or realign to your purpose. The daily dose of inspiration and hope will help you stay the course as you reach for success. Remember, the race to your greatness is not a destination but a journey.


What others say about Living Your Greater Life Devotional & Bible Study:

The desire for greatness is truly contagious. When you see that attribute being modeled by someone you admire, a spark ignites on the inside of you and if you embrace it, you immediately begin to rise. From the moment I heard Dr. Derrick Love speak on the subject of greatness, my heart began to stir with holy inspiration. He is a motivator, a messenger, and a mentor to those who want to use their gifts for God and people. Without a doubt, he’ll inspire you as well.

Babbie Mason, Dove Award-winning singer, songwriter, author, and speaker.

Living Your Greater Devotional and Bible Study: A Companion to Your Greater is Right Now is a great supplement to the original book. Having read the initial book, one thing I discovered is the need to have a daily focus on living out the “greater is now” principles. The devotionals are real, relevant, and right on time given the seasons of life, we experience while pursuing greatness. The words come to life through scripture and I can hear the encouraging words coming from Dr. Love as he shares what God has given him for this project. Each day is packed with enough spiritual sustenance to sustain you as you journey towards greater in the Kingdom of God!

Kenneth M. Chapman Jr., Ph.D. Associate Pastor, Life-Changing Faith Christian Fellowship.

As the water rises to greater levels as more is added to it, so God created us to be filled with His Word so we, too, may rise to greater levels. In Living Your Greater Devotional And Bible Study: A Companion To Your Greater Is Right Now, Dr. Derrick Love walks you through the process of self-examination to seal the cracks that make us leak and prevent us from fulfilling our God-given assignments. Knowing who we are and where we spiritually leak brings us into a deeper relationship with God and allows the Potter to patch us up to be Our Greater Now. Imagine the joy and new sense of identity in the Messiah when you grab hold of the biblical truths of what God has to say about you and what He designed you to accomplish for the Kingdom. The only one stopping you from Your Greater is you and now you have the keys to unlock your full Kingdom potential. Dr. Derrick Love guides you on the journey of a lifetime to find our true calling and grow in new and exciting ways. 

Rabbi Eric Walker, Executive Director, Igniting a Nation Ministries.

About the Author:
Dr. Derrick Love is a thought-leader and down-home minister who is passionate about helping people find and walk in their purpose. He continues to inspire hope through faith so that every day is a day closer to living in purpose. Dr. Love is the author of the books “The Unfinished Journey” and “Your Greater Is Right Now.” His mantra is: Make the decision today to move one step closer to the greater you through Jesus Christ. You are worth it!

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